King Machine is the world’s quickest tire mold manufacturer.

We challenge ourselves year over year to drive down the lead time required to produce tire molds from drawings to delivered mold. By being fast, we provide our customers value.

Notably: Our customers bring tires to market sooner. They achieve a competitive advantage for O.E. contracts, they have flexibility in plant scheduling, they have increased time to develop and test new products.

Speed also applies to our ability to adjust our delivery schedule when your tire production priorities or market conditions change. Flexibility is built into our system to account for change.


E-Mold is the name we have given to our quick-service, fast track, expedited, experimental program. We produce molds in our E-Mold program from drawings to delivered product at blazing speed. In keeping with our continual improvement commitment, we continue to drive down the lead-time in this program.

Our production processes and scheduling are streamlined and well-orchestrated.

If there is any one trait King Machine is known for, our E-Mold program is it.


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