Who We Are

King Machine is a privately held organization with longstanding relationships in the tire industry. King Machine manufactures new tire molds and tire mold components for the original equipment and replacement markets. The company provides mold services, warehousing, repair & refurbishment, and consultative technical services to support tire operations both domestically and in the Americas.

The business activities and operational focus for King Machine are driven by a culture that focuses on speed, flexibility, and quality. King Machine employs and utilizes some of the very best technical mold personnel in the world. Staff members have decades of experience in the tire industry and come from diverse backgrounds in manufacturing, machining, software development, and business management.

Strategic Expansion

In recent years, King Machine has transformed from a smaller manufacturing company into a larger mold services company with multiple strategically located facilities. The company has been expanding its operations to align with the needs of tire manufacturing plants that are operating in North, Central, and South America.

New mold manufacturing capabilities include producing models, aluminum cast and machined treads, sidewall plates, bead, and clamp rings.

Mold repair and refurbishment capabilities encompass all operations related to treads, sidewall plates, bead rings, clamp rings, mold mechanisms, and bladder molds.

Service operations facilitate mold warehousing, inventory management, logistics, and plant transfers.


The mission of King Machine is to provide the best and fastest options available for manufacturing, repairing, and servicing tire molds for the tire industry.

The payoff for tire companies is increasing tire production, a reduction in idle presses, decreasing scrap and rework rates, increasing productivity, faster speed to market, greater revenue generation, and most importantly, growing profitability.

Our Future

The King Companies’ obligation to our customers and employees is to provide products and services of value and to do so profitably. By achieving this objective, we ensure our competitiveness and our future.

We continually invest in capital equipment, software, infrastructure, and support services. We continually invest in our employee’s abilities by developing their skills, versatility, and career paths.

The combination of strategic locations, physical equipment, infrastructure, human talent, and the desire to be the world’s best tire mold company is what makes the King Companies a strategic partner to our customers.